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Metod Kozelj

Ta stran je na voljo tudi v slovenscini
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My mother says, and the same is written in my identity card, that I was born on 26th of May, 1970 in Ljubljana. If I can rely on Encyclopaedia Britannica, I share my birthday with quite some famous people. Even now I still live in Ljubljana, which is capital of Slovenia. Do you perhaps wonder, where on Earth is it? I've borrowed a meteorological satelite image of Europe and I marked approximate location on it.

Currently I'm employed by Hydrometeorological institute of Slovenia. I spend most of the time accompanied with computers (among other things I'm maintaining the Web pages), however sometimes they allow me to fiddle with weather. And my idol? His picture is here.

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Snail-mail address:
Metod Kozelj
Ul. P. Jeromnove 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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